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SoftArtisans FileUp StandardFileUp Standard
Product Demos

SoftArtisans FileUp Standard painlessly transmits files of any format from a local hard drive to a server running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or to a separate file server.

A 100K size limit has been set on uploads.

Featured FileUp Standard Demos

FileUp Standard Demo - Simple Upload

Simple Upload

A simple file upload with error checking.

Run demo.

FileUp Standard Demo - Progress Indicator

Simple Upload with Progress Indicator

A simple file upload with progress indication.

Run demo.

FileUp Demo - Intermediate Upload

Intermediate Upload

File upload with form elements, such as radio buttons and check boxes.

Run demo.

FileUp Demo - Simple Download

Simple Download

Download of a Microsoft Word document that will launch Word using Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Run demo.

FileUp Demo - File Download With Save As Dialog

Download With Save As Dialog Box

Download of the same Microsoft Word document. Rather than launching Word, the user will be prompted with a "Save As" dialog box.

Run demo.

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